Speed hump research and emergency ambulance responses

A study of paramedics' attitudes to the effects of speed humps on resuscitation of patients en route to hospital, including general patient care and ambulance response times

Thank you for your interest in my research, which was undertaken in 2002 to May 2003. It concerns the way that Paramedics actually think about and respond to the presence of speed humps - and involved Paramedics from many southern ambulance services (although I know that many respondents worked in London).

This research was disseminated in June 2003 in Harrogate at Ambex 2003. It has also been submitted in evidence at a meeting with the Greater London Authority in December 2003.

The Microsoft PowerPoint presentation from Ambex 2003 can be downloaded here, or you can view it online here. If you want a copy of the full research document in Microsoft Word (85 pages) you can find it here.

Clearly this is a highly emotive and controversial subject but there is almost no research in the way that Paramedics are affected in their day to day job by speed humps. Hopefully I have begun to address this with this study which needs to be built upon and expanded!

Mark Belchamber BSc (Hons), SR Para, AASI.

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